Although I wish that the seat could move back more to accommodate a six foot person and maybe a shorter turning radius. They might be a little more money to get the better models than the ones offered at the big box stores but my LA-125 has performed flawlessly for 14 years! I know people that bought the cheapest basic unit and they didn’t hold up. Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review.

On my grasshopper 321D I find the gator blades seem to not use quite as much HP as the standard OEM high lift blades. However on grass that has been cut I find it is more likely to leave a stripe of uncut grass while turning with the gators. Gators also seems to not leave as nice of a finish cut on my machine. We have a relative who uses this model on her John Deere mower, and she loves how durable and effective it is. I’m inclined to attribute this to the increased lift that the specially designed blade shape generates. If you are willing to buy it for Troy’s 21-inch push mower, it will perfectly fit that lawn mower.

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On Amazon, this blade gets a 4.6 rating out of 5 which does a pretty cool job. More than 80% of people who bought the product have given 5 ratings out 5 – the perfect rating. That’s why we believe that it is a good deal for your lawn mower. This blade is properly balanced and doesn’t need any kind of sharpening. However, some people are complaining about the stickers on it.

That said, even those who complained pointed out that they were good blades. There is a section on Amazon sales pages where customers can ask questions. Due to the one complaint that the blades didn’t fit properly, it is wise to check that section.

What Are Mulching B​​lades

Whether drilling would have resolved the problem is not known, though it probably would have. The problem is that it has to dry for a minimum of thirty minutes and it may need more than one coat to do the job. It is another example of why reading both reviews and the instructions are extremely important. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to fix something that isn’t broken and a blade that works is a good thing. These blades got a whopping ninety five percent five and four-star reviews. While no one considered them an upgrade, that’s a pretty good statement.

The 57″ deck on the AcrEase slices up this tall dry grass with ease. Service Aftermarket.Supply offers services of 15 spare parts suppliers Komatsu. More than 5000 aftermarket spare parts Komatsu as well as discounts for original spare parts from US dealers. Get a new OEM or aftermarket spare parts komatsu at the best price using the service Aftermarket.Supply. More than 5000 aftermarket spare parts as well as discounts for original spare parts from US dealers. When you just need to get the mowing done so you can move on with your day, you need a mower like the Cub Cadet.

The blades come with a traditional 5-point star center hole and don’t have a serrated edge. However, they do a good job of mulching grass, leaving just evenly distributed clippings that are hard to notice with the naked eye. Their greatest flaw is reportedly the tendency to bump into whatever roots and stumps you have in your garden, so you should watch out for these. These blades will remain sharp for a long time and are unlikely to be destroyed even with the heavy-duty operation. While also made by a trusted brand, this two-pack blade kit is more affordable than the previous model.

Glad you were able to find the plugs and get back to the quality and clean cut you have been looking for. Copperhead blades are known to be sharper than average, really heavy-duty blades that are ideal for difficult terrain with lots of stumps and roots.

So I am looking for info and answers about a blade switch/improvement. I have searched here and on Google and am getting conflicting answers. Some say a Gator or Atomic blade will fit, others not so. Some say a blade switch improves some mower functions, but reduces others. It is very important to do thorough research before ordering any product online, whether it’s for a mower or for anything else.

I just cannot run into any grass, wet or dry, that causes my mower problems with clumps and stuff like that. I don’t know what they’ve done to the design of these blades but I’m sold forever. I like the gators for the first week or two of the season in the heavy wet grass and in the leaves in the fall. The rest of the year I prefer the OEM high-lift to the gators to minimize stripes of uncut grass and leave a nicer finish cut.

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While these are designed for Poulan products, they do fit other mowers. One reviewer installed them in a Craftsman mower and reported that they fit fine. With the only negative review being from someone who didn’t get the right blades, this is a good product. This blade weighs in at 4lbs and measures 24” by 4” by 4” in dimensions with a notched medium-high lift position. A 5-point star center hole works just fine for this blade model.

Many customers reported hitting a rock, which damaged the blades. High lift blades are recommended for heavy-duty mowing containing a large amount of grass both in residential and commercial settings. In choosing the right blade, users must consider the amount of work and the type of mower before making a purchase.

In order to achieve the perfect cut, you should consider the right length of the blade for your lawnmower. Before replacing any worn blades, it is imperative to ascertain the size of the lawnmower to ensure that it is the right fit. With this unit, your lawn is guaranteed to stay crisp, healthy and immaculate. This recycler blade does an excellent job in cutting grass into fine particles before returning them to the ground.

The blade tip speed on most Zero Turn mowers is high enough to take care of most of your mulching for you. Regular blades can mulch just fine as long as you can close off your chute and keep the leaves under the deck. To sup up, these aren’t super durable mulching blades like some of the models above, but they can mulch, and they’ll get the job done.

Can You Use Mulching Blades With A Bagger?

While picking up a mulching blade, it is important to read the reviews and the specification of the blade. The first thing you’re going to want to do if you’ve decided to use mulching blades is to mow your lawn one last time with the regular blades. This will get the taller grass out of your way as well as putting a finished cut on your lawn for after your leaves disappear. The intention behind a blade with less surface area is that there’s less air resistance and drag on the blades, meaning they’ll cut through air more easily.

  • No, it is very unlikely that you can get your job done in rainy weather.
  • MTD is a well-known American manufacturer of mass-market outdoor power equipment that has been in the market for over eight decades now.
  • This model is relatively easy to install, providing that you follow the directions and make sure that the raised fins are facing up.
  • The tires are also located within the decks cutting width to allow for close trimming.
  • Riding mowers by this brand are quite popular; I have more than one friend using them to trim their lawns, and this blade is the most common choice when it comes to mulching.
  • The blades are very easy to install, and they perform really well.
  • Other than these minor issues, there’s nothing wrong with the performance of these blades.
  • I will buy my maintenance needs and next piece of equipt, from Smith Tractor Co. and have told others!
  • These blades also give the homeowner a manicured cut for the lawn to shine like a diamond.
  • These blades can transform the appearance of parks, community centers, and public gardens.

The best advice we can give you is that you should always read the specifications and features of the product you are going to buy, no matter the website. This mulching blade is manufactured by MTD, a renowned gator mulching blades review company. The length of this mulching blade is 21 inches and it is an original part from MTD. Suitable for the walk-behind (self-propelled) mowers except for the mowers with cast aluminum deck.

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When choosing a mower, remember that each machine has different features and slope operating limits. Working the land doesn’t feel like work when you’re operating our 1-4 Series Compact Utility Tractors. Here, finding the right machine is as easy as getting the job done. With easy-to-use attachments, effortless steering, and intuitive controls, enjoying the perfect lawn can happen all year round. First thing I noticed was they were thicker, heavier and wider than my OEM SCAG blades. Gives you a manicured cut and discharged clippings are brought into the soil to return the nutrients back into the environment for other plants to use.

It doesn’t matter how far gone you’ve let your garden go, these Maxpower blades are up for the task of cutting it down. I cut several properties every other week or, 2 times monthly with no bagging. The blades I always have used on my Gravely Z 252 were standard high lift blades. I recently installed Gator high lift blade’s by Stens. First of all, you need to mow your lawn more often with mulching blades than you would while using regular ones.

I have a bunch of red oak trees – leaves cover about 1 acre of the 3 acres I keep as finished lawn. I seldom mow when the grass is wet, and the gaps are mostly filled now with dry debris. Haven’t seen any signs of premature corrosion from this as of yet.

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This Time ,It’s Different.

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Here’s a special treat for owners of a Toro lawnmower – a replacement blade made specifically for this brand. An issue that some users reported is that the blades are dull, and because of that, not able to cut grass as finely as expected. However, this is an exception rather than the rule, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it. We left no stone unturned, made no compromises, and now we bring you the top five mulching blades on the market.

Mower decks are uniquely designed for their depth, width, power supply and expected application, and its blades are designed especially for the deck. That was the issue with most of those who had to purchase this replacement blade. For those that had a good fit, this was one of the best mulching blades on the market.

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Recruiting class.

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This enables you to mulch your lawn without investing in a newer or more advanced lawn mower. Mulching kits are a popular choice, in this case, combining the two necessary components. Kunz AcrEase rough cut models offer the highest horsepower and heaviest built decks with a deck size of either a 44″ or 57″ deck. The mower is a blade-brake-clutch type, which is particularly useful in fall and spring yard cleanup. Stop the mower and release the drive and operator control bars. The drive system and blades stop, but the engine remains running.

As you could see that it is clear that mulching blades are better than standard blades. The mulching blades are curved and therefore provide a manicured, perfect cut to the grass. With the help of the curved surface and cutting edge, the mulching blades cut the grass precisely. After that, the clippings are brought into the deck where they are again cut several times before going in the soil for good. Mower blades are custom components; they are not one size fits all.

I never knew there was a mulch kit available for the 62D deck. Also, I have never used a mulch kit on any mower I have ever had. In taller or wet grass, the clippings will clump up a bit, and you may need to go back over the area a couple of times after it has dried out. I am happy with my gator blades over the standard ones as they would make terrible windrows during the spring grow season. I have always kept the deflector chute up and with the gator blades my windrows have gone away. I have about 2 acres to mow so raking is not an option.

He stated that these blades can even mulch small sticks and roots… without bending anything. Other reviewers pointed out that they had much less grass to clean up. Some indicate that they can be made to fit by drilling holes, but many were very disappointed.

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Street life tough on downtown’s trees; 30% dead The Blade.

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If you decide to purchase G3 Gator blades, you will get a set of three pieces for a reasonable price. This product offers a balance between quality, performance, and cost, and that’s why it is so popular. Yes, you can use side discharge with mulching blades. Side discharge will help in preventing any clumps that might occur under the deck due to the grass. This step is significant as mowing the second row will make sure all the discharged grass clippings from the first row are getting cut down. In order to get your job done smoothly, you have to use a mulching blade along with the mulching mower.