The spring assist technology allows you to pull the cord easily to get it started in the first attempt. To begin with, this model has some incredible features which make it exceedingly handy and functional. For instance, it runs on a robust 4-cycle engine, delivering high performance with low operating noise. This bit is important as you don’t want to be that annoying neighbor who runs a loud trimmer. It also features a single-level height adjustment mechanism that lets you choose between three positions. Long story short, it enables users to work at a comfortable height, which reduces physical strain and provides more control.

Gas weed eaters are the most powerful option available on the market and they are available in two-stroke and four-stroke engine options. This usually means they are often quite heavy to operate and more difficult to maintain and repair. If you’ve upgraded your gas weed eater’s head to accommodate precut trimmer line, these short pieces of nylon are exactly what you’ll need.

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But then, because this model’s motor is a 4-stroke rather than 2-stroke, it has been rated to use 50% less fuel overall. That’s a difference you’ll notice particularly if you have to do a lot weed whipping around your commercial property. The Husqvarna 128LD is also a champion when it comes to fuel efficiency. Not only does this model feature a translucent fuel container, but it also purges air out of the carburetor automatically. Given that this model also comes with a 2.6 bottle of compatible oil for no added cost, you can also see why current users consider this unit to be a great value buy.

Black & Decker has really made some fantastic innovations to its weed wackers compared to the older models, and the unit you get in this bundle really exemplifies all of that amazing process. Since you have access to the dual mode switch, you can set this trimmer to prioritize battery life so that you can work for up to a full hour without having to recharge. The battery pack is also detachable, so you can charge it wherever it’s convenient, rather than having to find a place to fit the entire unit when you plug the battery in to charge. This model also includes the ability to switch to an edger mode, which involves pressing a button on the handle to automatically rotate the head to the new position. When you’re done, returning the head to the trimming position only requires another button press. When you care for your own lawn, you can end up with a pretty massive collection of tools and equipment before you can even blink.

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This is a gas-powered trimmer, which is what I expected to find when I first saw this model and its uniquely shaped body. That kind of angling and thought just lines up with the type of power and control that you typically get with a gas trimmer. What I did not expect to find, however, were all of the amazing comfort features that Hitachi included with this tool. First of all, the shaft itself is longer than other models, coming in at 54 inches, which means that you won’t have to strain your back to use it, no matter what your height is. Also, the starting system is designed to require less force, so you won’t have to pull as hard to get the engine revved up.

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For example, it features a Smart Start system that ensures you won’t have any problems firing it up – it usually won’t take more than one or two pulls to get it going. Before purchasing your trimmer, try to find out what the preferred diameter of the trimmer string will be for your model. The thicker the string, the more likely it is to hold up to harder materials. However, thicker string will generally cost you more if you’re buying pre-loaded cartridges. The 15″ head enables you to clear out an area quickly and painlessly.

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A powerful 2-cycle engine running at 25cc allows for easier cutting in less time. The shaft length is 51 inches and is curved allowing for a comfortable cutting experience that does not best weed wacker gas require users to hunch over in the process. The straight shaft further allows the trimmer to produce more power so that users can quickly cut through any foliage or brush with ease.

They also use materials such as fertilizers and pesticides more efficiently, saving you lots of money over the year. You might be wondering with the different engine types mentioned, which one is best? Firstly, let’s take a look at the major difference between the types of engines – fuel. We love the signature handlebar design, which improves control and comfort when in use.

But, with a battery powered model, you’re at the mercy of how much juice is left in the battery. But what if you don’t have ready access to power where you’re working, or you’re likely to be cutting through thicker, dry underbrush or heavy grass with lots of hard stems? A battery powered string trimmer will run with less noise and feature batteries that usually are often compatible with other indoor and outdoor power tools. If you’re wondering how the batteries on string trimmer compare, Hudson suggested looking at total watts on each. The easiest weed eater for a woman to use can depend on a number of factors; mainly the size and weight of the tool, how easy it is to use and the maintenance level it requires. However, in the main, battery and electric weed eaters are the far better option for women as they are easy to operate and lightweight.

best weed wacker gas

They offer a reasonable amount of power and can handle most basic jobs around the home. As long as you are plugged into an outlet, electric string trimmers can run as long as you need them to. The downside is that the length of your extension cord limits the range of use.

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Its straight shaft measures 70-inches long and 9-inches in diameter and has a vibration control design, which gives you an extended reach, comfort, and control. The “Tap ‘n Go” feature allows the line to feed through automatically when the cutting head is pushed onto the ground, which means there is no need to stop and reload the string. You can convert this weed wacker with other lawn care products as it is compatible with the Trimmer Plus system, but the attachments are sold separately. As well as a trimmer, the premium WORX PowerShare String Trimmer & Edger can be easily converted into a wheel edger with no tools required.

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10 Crazy Things People Have Made With Mower Engines HotCars.

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Available voltage is typically either 20, 40, or 80 volts on a weed wacker—and higher numbers denote a machine with the potential to tackle heavier-duty jobs more effectively. If you are purchasing this unit, you probably have serious work to do and have had experience with these larger units. If it is your first time using a device of this size, make sure you take the time to get the shoulder harness and balance point adjusted to your working style. One thing we wanted to point out quickly before you head down to check out the trimmers is the fact that the words “weed eater” are used in two different ways.

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However, motor-wise, it measures a few cubic inches smaller than other gas-powered weed eater engines on our list. momiloeUS has also clearly designed their 42.7cc model with user comfort in mind. This can first be seen with its U-shaped handle, which can be maneuvered effectively to fit the unit into tight spaces without sacrificing the user’s comfort. Perhaps more importantly, this model’s steel shaft has been built with anti-vibration technology that can seriously cut down on user fatigue over the course of a long session. But the Craftsman WC205 also brings some unique features to the table as well. For example, the unique curve of this model’s shaft makes it ideal for accomplishing hard-to-reach or excessively technical trimming.

best weed wacker gas

Meaning, all you need to do to let more string out while trimming is simply bump the unit’s head on the ground. When you plan to use your gas weed eater regularly, it is permissible to leave some fuel in your unit’s tank. However, when don’t intend to use your weed eater for an extended period of time , you should always drain out any remaining fuel/oil mixture into a certified container. Along the same lines, a weed eater with a curved shaft type tends to be more balance. a longer gas weed eater tends to be easier to use without requiring the user to hunch over. All things considered, the Craftsman WC205 is also pretty affordable.

Ryobi Ry253ss 25cc Straight Shaft 18″ Lawn Grass Weed Trimmer 2 Cycle Gas Power

The line feeder works very well and the myriad of attachments allow you to transform this trimmer into different tools within 10 seconds. Weighing nearly 16 pounds, this trimmer is extremely durable albeit a little heavy for some users. It could be a bit heavy and uncomfortable for people who suffer from back trouble, but even these issues can be remedied with the usage of straps. With the help of a weed eater, you can transform an overgrown garden into a paradise in very little time. That being said, 2-cycle engines tend to be more powerful and lightweight. 5cc 4QL 4-cycle full crank engine, this trimmer will be extra durable and long-lasting.

  • Apart from that, we really like the 2-step starting feature, allowing you to turn it on by the simple prime and pull technique.
  • Has a large 17-inch cutting swath to cover more ground in less time, while the 28cc engine features a simple starter to get up and running quickly.
  • Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a commercial weed whacker.
  • Furthermore, if you’re buying one for the first time, it’s best to get a lightweight option to simplify things.
  • According to Consumer Reports, you want a trimmer with the weight distributed evenly along the length of the machine or one that is slightly heavier at the top.
  • This is another very reasonably-priced but high-performance weed eater, this time from Hitachi.
  • Gas trimmers experience more mechanical issues than electric powered trimmers.
  • It features a rubberized loop handle to grip at the center of the shaft and baffles, which are tools that help reduce the noise coming from the trimmer.

The full crank design delivers a fast start and smooth operation reducing emissions, increasing fuel efficiency, and delivering longer life. 6cc 2-cycle engine with 17” cutting width, this weed wacker is powerful and easy-to-use and can cut a large amount of thick material quickly. When purchasing a trimmer, keep in mind the unit’s output and speed, if it’s a two-cycle or four-cycle, and the cutting width. They impact how quickly you can manicure your lawn and what type of fuel the trimmer requires. The string on a weed eater is fed out of the spool via a bump feed or auto-feed system. With a bump feed system, you manually advance the string by “bumping” the weed eater gently on the ground when operating.

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Gasoline weed trimmers are available either withstraight or curved shafts. The curved ones can bend between the spinning trimmer head and its handle. A device with a curved shaft also comes as more durable because such a design allows the flexibility of the drive cable. The curved shafts also have a better balance than straight ones that increases their maneuverability in hard-to-reach areas. The manufacturer has designed it in a way that everyone can open and replace the detail without the help of an expert. Also, I love this equipment because it has a translucent fuel tank that gives you full control over the machine.

This handlebar is ergonomically set up to keep your wrists at a neutral position and allows you to work without bending over. As we mentioned earlier, the 2-cycle engine requires you to mix up oil and fuel prior to adding it to the trimmer. The Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer is another reliable option if you’re on a budget. It is very adjustable and lightweight, so you should be able to use it no matter your body type. We hope that this article helped you sort through all the different weed eater models out there. Most weed eaters come with telescoping poles, which is precisely what you want.

That feature means you can clean up areas around your sidewalk or driveway without buying another yard tool. Out of all the different options for good weed eaters, what makes the best ones stand out? Beyond giving you a large cutting area, the best is safe and easy to set up and use, especially if you have not used an eater much before. This choice gives you convenience and safety with the addition of versatility in the form of a few extra tools and uses you normally do not find on other weed eating options.