What struck me first about this was how, despite the budget price tag, it has been designed really well and ergonomically is lovely to use. Also the auto line feed is questionable, you have to pause your trimming and press a button to advance the line – this is not ideal. Switching to the edger is done at a press of a button and is as simple as possible. As an edger this thing is great – and with the assistance of the guide well it is easy to get a professional looking result.

The plastic wire is pulled through a motor on the bottom of the trimmer and hangs there when not in use. When the trimmer is turned on, and the motor begins to rotate, the wire begins to rotate best gas weed eater as well. Weed trimmers can also be used prior to mowing your lawn if the grass has grown too high and unruly. Lawnmowers are unable to properly cut grass if the grass gets too high.

Which Is Better, Stihl Or Husqvarna Trimmer?

I have had a couple of Ryobi 4 stroke weed eaters that I replaced the string with plastic blades and they worked OK while they lasted. We have a pair of older Echo weed eaters that I like since they have brush cutters on them instead of string. But the exhaust is in a really bad place and burns are not uncommon. While Stihl models are powerful enough to cut through thick vegetation, Husqvarna features a more efficient fuel consumption rate and output.

best gas weed eater

If you have a lot of trimming and cutting to do – use a shoulder harness. However, if you are using one of the heavier types such as a gas-powered trimmer, a shoulder harness will make your job so much easier and will save your back. Once again, the cutting diameter will depend on the size of your lawn, garden, and the kind of foliage and weeds you need to keep under control.

How To Choose A Weed Wacker

The shaft isn’t long enough, so you do have to stoop over a little when you trim, so if you are over say 6’3” this might not be for you, as it could give you backache. The automatic feed line advance here actually works really well! All you have to do is release the ‘On’ trigger for a couple of second and you will hear a click as the line advances. The handle can be adjusted and pivoted and the cutting area is 14 inches. It is super easy to set up – the handle snaps on, insert one screw to attach the guard and you are good to go.

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A super long weed eater is difficult for shorter people to maneuver because the cutting head is too far from us resulting in a slightly upward tilted cutting head. A telescoping pole allows you to pull the cutting head further in to level the head to the ground. If you’re shopping in store, examine the box to make sure it hasn’t been previously opened if you’re purchasing a tool & battery combination.

By ensuring that your trimmer is balanced, you can keep working in a continuous line without worrying about switching things around all the time. Your trimmer should have an adjustable length shaft or handle which makes it easy to customize everything by your height. There is an included shoulder strap with this kit which can cut down on overall fatigue when you’re out trimming your lawn. The EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer provides all the convenience of a gas trimmer, but without the noise and the mess. The newly designed battery is powerful and efficient enough to get most major yeard jobs done.

The fact this can double up as a number of additional yard care tools thanks to the removable head is a real bonus. This has lots of nice features that make it comfortable and easy to use. The telescopic wand makes it easy for you to find the optimum height and you can also adjust the shaft angle for extra comfort. It is nicely made, relatively light, well priced, works well and the EASYFEED line system is a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of weed eaters. The height and handle can be adjusted and the cutting swath is 12 inches. On the downside the auto feed line releases too much and also cuts off some of the line every time you start and stop the trimmer – even if it is of an adequate length already.

A 2-cycle will get the job done but you’ll need more precision and a bit more work to get everything finished. Next to a lawnmower, a good weed eater is the most essential of yard management tools. Electric models might offer a little more convenience, but there is no substitute for the power and freedom of a gas-powered trimmer. These are quiet and convenient, plus you don’t have the hassle of dealing with gas and oil. They are powered either by an extension cord, or a battery pack. Easy to use, they are light and maneuverable and great for small to medium-sized spaces.

Comes with an ergonomically curved shaft that makes the cutting process to be more balanced and easier. Has a very powerful engine; thus, whenever you want to gas up the tool and start working, the machine will always start up without any delays. Many weed eaters out on the market come with detachable heads to turn them into saws, blowers, edgers, and other tools. Let’s be honest; one of the most annoying and frustrating features on weed eater is the starting line. We all have stood there, cranking the choke and it failing to start.

Best Weed Eater Money Can Buy: My Top 10 Favorites

So, even for such small areas as cracks between stones – this is a great option. The Greenworks 14-Inch 40-Volt Cordless Trimmer features a brushless motor which ends up providing more torque with less sound. The EGO Power+ Cordless Brushless String Trimmer runs on a 56-volt lithium-ion battery. The trimmer includes the battery and a charging kit as well for your convenience.

If you don’t need a heavy-duty model, there are several lightweight options available. When you are done trimming the garden, the trimmers’ auto-return stop switch will reset automatically to the ON position for easier starting of the unit in the next use. Thankfully, it includes a shoulder strap that will aid you in carrying this tool.

The PR28SD also accepts attachments to convert this trimmer into a handy multi tool. The Pro Link system includes attachments to allow you to use your PR28SD as a hedge trimmer, brush cutter, tree pruner, blower or edger. Additionally, the adjustable shaft handle makes operating more comfortable and easier on your hands and wrists, so even if your yard has gotten particularly unruly, you can tackle it with ease.

best gas weed eater

The adjustable handle and 48-inch curved shaft make every movement of the machine easy to stay under control. As you search for a gas weed eater line on the market, you’ll notice there are several options available at the hardware store. Before you buy a line trimmer for your gas model, you’ll need to ensure it can fit in your weed eater. However, as a general rule, a thicker line can cut through larger weeds with ease. These are the newest models to the market and are similar to the electric units but are not as powerful as gas weed eaters. A potential problem you could run into with these trimmers is when the batteries die out mid-job.

The Best Weed Eater

It may take a couple of pulls for the engine to finally engage, but once it does you should hear it roar to life and the engine should idle on its own. The oil, which is made specifically for two-stroke gas engines, usually comes in a small plastic bottle that is equal to 2.6 ounces in volume. This packaging strategy is no accident, as the ratio of gas to oil in gas trimmers is one 2.6 ounce bottle of oil for every gallon of gasoline. They are an excellent choice as they still have the power to cut the grass with precision. Battery powered models don’t actually produce any exhaust, meaning that they’re great for the environment and light-to-carry .

The Best Reel Mower for Your (Small) Lawn – The New York Times

The Best Reel Mower for Your (Small) Lawn.

Posted: Fri, 16 Apr 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

You might prefer a model that’s more quiet versus a model that is exceptionally high-powered or hard to handle. More often than not, the most comfortable choice is going to be an electric model; but the electric model might not completely meet your needs. You might end up with a bigger gas model simply because it’s the only type of model that you can use on your yard. The easy to use pivoting head gives you just what you need when it comes to converting on the go. The easy to load bump head gives you the ultimate convenience and ergonomic design to deliver easy to use spools that you need to attach and rewind your feeder system.

When deciding whether or not to get a gas trimmer, you’ll want to take the environment into account because they can be gas guzzlers and produce pollution. However, gas trimmers do give you the freedom of not being tied down by a cord and pack a pretty powerful punch when it comes to those taller weeds in your yard. The Worx WG163 is the priciest electric weed eater on this list, but it’s also an adaptable option that comes with a spare battery too. While it does take a while to recharge the batteries, you can keep one charging while the other is in use and swap them out if the first dies before you’ve finished. It doesn’t have the same range of adjustability as other models on this list, so if you need to tailor your weed eater for height or mobility needs, the Black + Decker LST300 might be a better option.

best gas weed eater

The shaft will adjust in length from 48.5 inches to 56.5 inches to allow you to find the perfect length for your needs. Our testing team members appreciated this weed eater’s ergonomic design, which is a terrific detail for individuals with arthritis or mobility concerns. My team and I have put together a comprehensive series of reviews and guides to help you create the perfect garden. Steve is a one time gardening hater turned into gardening obsessive. This was all thanks to going to University where a two year stint spent transforming the previously horrific garden of the student house he lived in left him addicted to all things horticultural! Now with a new house in tow and due to some fortunate circumstances he is free to test out a whole host of gardening equipment.

As the name suggests, gas-powered string trimmers require gasoline to run. They typically run on 2-cycle gasoline, which requires mixing gas and oil for the engine. Gas-powered models offer a longer running time than battery-powered models and are usually lighter in weight. Gas-powered trimmers are better for larger jobs and tend to be the most powerful option. The major benefit of a gas-powered “weed wacker” like this is that you get a huge amount of power, since they feature serious motors that can really bring a lot of force to your tasks.

If you have thick weeds you need to get rid of then this is the trimmer for you. Also the string is quite close to the top of the head, which means you have to be a bit more careful in tight spots. The benefit of a4-stroke engineis that it requires four steps to create power in each cycle. It’s not just a problem of not being able to trim comfortably, the engine is also quite close to the arm. Also the choke switch is on the inside of the unit, so it is easy to accidentally turn it off, which can be annoying. This really is of a standout quality in pretty much every aspect.

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