David Schwimmer Isn’t Dating Jennifer Aniston Despite On Line Gossips, Rep Says

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer unveiled within the buddies party specific in-may which they as soon as experienced crushes on each various other, though these people never smitten upwards a romance

David Schwimmer just isn’t now going out with Jennifer Aniston, despite on-line gossips the Friends costars become seeing 1.

After the tabloid deeper released a written report earlier in the day this week proclaiming that two movie stars happened to be romantically engaging, a representative for Schwimmer, 54, advised the U.K. shop The Sun that there’s “no truth” into the hearsay.

Schwimmer’s rep couldn’t promptly answer PEOPLE’s request review.

In-may, HBO maximum’s long-awaited associates party disclosed something offscreen smash between Aniston and Schwimmer, that played lovebirds Rachel Renewable and Ross Geller from the drama collection. Throughout unique, coordinate James Corden expected the team whether them formulated a real-life romance together.

If Aniston recommended Schwimmer tackle practical question, he or she said to having a “major crush” on the.

“At some point, we were crushing hard on oneself,” the guy said. “nevertheless would be like two vessels driving because almost certainly you am often in a relationship and we also never entered that boundary. We trustworthy that.”

Aniston, 52, extra, “really, i recall exclaiming once to David, ‘Itwill getting this a bummer when first time you and I really kiss is going to be on nationwide tv.’ affirmed, first time most people kissed was at that cafe.”

As a substitute to functioning on their own ideas, Aniston defined they “directed” every little thing within their widely known characters.

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Schwimmer was previously wedded to Zoe Buckman — with whom he or she shares 10-year-old little girl Cleo — from 2010 until the two separated in 2017. Aniston would be partnered to Brad Pitt from 2000 to 2005 and soon after wed Justin Theroux, whom she separated from in 2018 after above 2 years of relationships and just about seven years collectively.

While talking to other past partners movie stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow on SiriusXMis the Howard Stern tv show in Summer, Aniston yet again claimed she and Schwimmer never ever served within their thinking for on a single another.

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“we had been in associations plus it was actually always never suitable some time it’dn’t have worked well,” she mentioned. “The advantage with that has been that whatever sensations we had we just actually channeled everything into Ross and Rachel but think’s possibly the reason why it resonated how it do.”

“But no, all of us never ever, back at my living [got together]. And Courteney and Lisa would know whether it have mainly because they would’ve heard of it. They can attest to me personally,” she extra, as Cox, 57, said it had been “real.”

“i’d with pride claim we fucked Schwimmer in the event it took place,” Aniston joked. “But no.”

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