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Hardware, especially older and bigger hardware of mainframe class with huge steel cabinets housing comparatively low-density electronics (however https://cex.io/ the time period can also be used of recent supercomputers). Often in the phrase massive iron.

[UK] Any item of hardware made by Amstrad, a company famous for its cheap %keywords% plastic PC-virtually-compatibles. The high quality of being or involving a hack.

This instruction brought on the processor to toggle a subset of the bus lines as rapidly as it might; in some configurations this might actually cause lines to burn up. Compare killer poke.

May cause you to `change part the exhausting method’ (see part). See also filk, retrocomputing, and the Portrait of J. Random Hacker in Appendix B. If you’ve an itchy feeling that every one six of those traits are really aspects of one thing that is extremely difficult to speak about precisely, you’re (a) appropriate and (b) responding like a hacker.

Computer Programmer

These traits are also recognizable (though in a less marked type) all through science-fiction fandom. What one is in when hacking, in fact. More particularly, a Zen-like state of complete give attention to The Problem which may be achieved when one is hacking (for this %keywords% reason each good hacker is part mystic). Ability to enter such focus at will correlates strongly with wizardliness; it is among the most important abilities discovered throughout larval stage.

The Iron Age began, sarcastically sufficient, with the delivery of the primary minicomputer (the PDP-1) and ended with the introduction of the primary teco zap cap reviews commercial microprocessor (the Intel 4004) in 1971. See also Stone Age; evaluate elder days.

  • (In the standard abuse of language, “pingfulness” may also be used as an exclamation, by which case it is a a lot stronger exclamation than simply “ping”!).
  • In software program, describes values of a function which aren’t in its `natural’ range of return values, however are somewhat alerts that some kind of exception has occurred.
  • This sense of ping could appear as an exclamation; “Ping!” (I’m happy; I am emitting a quantum of happiness; I actually have been struck by a quantum of happiness).
  • [from telecommunications and network principle] 1.
  • A quantum packet of happiness.
  • The form “pingfulness”, which is used to explain individuals who exude pings, additionally occurs.

“He stated we now have to recode this thing in FORTRAN by next week. Gurfle!” Compare weeble. The grue, according to students of the Great Underground Empire, is a sinister, lurking presence in the dead teco zap cap reviews of night locations of the earth. Its favourite diet is either adventurers or enchanters, however its insatiable urge for food is tempered by its excessive fear of sunshine.

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A price improve. Outside IBM, this derives from the widespread notion that IBM products are generally overpriced (see clone); inside, it is mentioned to spring from a perception that large numbers of IBM employees https://cryptolisting.org/coin/zap living in an area cause costs to rise. This lexicon consists of a number of entries attributed to `IBM’; these derive from some rampantly unofficial jargon lists circulated inside IBM’s own beleaguered hacker underground.

Hacker Writing Style

Sometimes amplified as `deep hack mode’. Amiga equivalent of `panic’ in Unix (generally just called a `guru’ or `guru event’). When the system crashes, a cryptic message of the form “GURU MEDITATION #XXXXXXXX.YYYYYYYY” may appear, indicating what the issue was.

A Portrait Of J. Random Hacker

This is sometimes known as `bit hose’ or `hosery’ (play on `hosiery’) or `etherhose’. See additionally washing machine. A area in an in any other case flat entity which is not actually present. For example, some Unix filesystems can retailer https://www.binance.com/ massive recordsdata with holes so that unused regions of the file are never actually saved on disk. [IRC] Fortuitous typo for `trace’, now in broad intentional use amongst gamers of initgame.