Our traders of all experience levels can easily design and customize layouts and widgets to best fit their trading style. We are proud to offer such innovative products and professional trading conditions to all our customers. We note that these include a range of technical analysis functions, such as 50 indicators designed to help you analyse price trends. Order management tools are also on offer here, while the platform also interestingly comes with an offline storage system designed to protect your assets in wallet form. At Prime XBT, all assets are traded via the central platform, which is bitcoin-powered.

PrimeXBT has the lowest known fees of 0.05 percent on all bitcoin trades. Also, excessive leveraging may lead to losing money faster than intended, so only use leverage if you’re an experienced trader. The company also supplies a knowledge base and video tutorials that help users understand the platform fast and easy. For alternative deposit options, there is a neat API linked to Cex.io which allows users to buy Bitcoin with USD, EUR or GBP via credit/debit card for trading purposes. Forex trading markets add to this selection with leverage up 1000x. An incredibly high margin and something generally only found on unregulated Forex platforms.

Prime XBT Analysis

Exchange fees are a important consideration when selecting a cryptocurrency trading exchange. It becomes even more critical when trading larger position sizes and on a leveraged exchange where you are paying fees on positions that aremuch larger than your margin. PrimeXBT are very clear and transparent with their fees which are listed on the website.

Why Use Fundamental Analysis

The platform also offers an order type called protection order which gives an additional layer of protection for any order to be executed. Prime XBT offers a robust trading system for both beginners and professional traders that demand highly reliable market data and performance. The entire infrastructure is designed to facilitate a high number of orders per second and extreme loads while offering ultra-fast order execution and low latency. Traders of all experience levels can easily design and customize layouts and widgets to best fit their trading style. They are proud to offer such innovative products and professional trading conditions to all of the customers.

Additionally, you will receive a confirmation prompt whenever Sending/Cancelling/Closing an order or position. Prime XBT Exchange has a highly customizable and comprehensive charting functionality. You have multiple drawing tools that you will need to map your important levels. These include fan lines, Fibonaccis, retracements, and other trend lines.

Prime XBT Analysis

It will pre-populate the price level so you don’t have to type it in. Purchase Bitcoin instantly with a credit card or exchange any other cryptocurrency using the instant crypto service Changelly which has been integrated into the exchange. Before you start trading, we recommend using a Bitcoin hardware wallet such as theLedger Nano X to store profits. If you don’t have a wallet, read our guide on the best cryptocurrency wallets.

PrimeXBT supports the trading of both major and minor forex currency pairs on its platform. These commissions are also known as trading fees and are currently at 0.01% for forex pairs forex analytics and 0.05% for cryptocurrencies. You can also deposit using your credit card, or other cryptocurrencies. Fees are an important factor because fees can quickly rack up when trading.

This means that they cannot be affected by hackers online and that the funds are secure from malware and other phishing scams. The hot wallet used by the exchange is just funded with some coins to provide liquidity to traders. Exchanges have been many times affected by hacks and attacks from malicious parties. The crypto industry had very poor security standards in the past, this is why exchanges have been investing large sums of money in order to become safer for traders and investors. Users will also have the possibility to get rewarded through the affiliate program. The more users get referrals, the better for them to earn more money. The first direct referrals would provide you with 20% earnings, 15% earnings the second level of referral, 10% the third level of referral and 5% the last one.

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If you are looking platform where you can do margin trading with good security, transparent fees, and advanced technology, look no further than PrimeXBT. Since fees vary from asset to asset be sure to check carefully here before starting to trade. Be careful as overnight/days are calculated in UTC time so be sure not to initiate trades around midnight UTC! There are reports of other users not realizing this and acquiring surprise fees. The trading platform offers a wealth of options not seen on many Bitcoin-based exchanges. The company was launched in 2018 from Seychelles, operating a global dynamic trading platform aimed at cryptocurrency traders. It’s hard to pin down a lot of company information but it has grown exponentially after almost a year in business.

Bitcoinsensus will not be held liable for any losses that you may incur by speculating in the market. Bybit and PrimeXBT have a great interface and very good customer support.

General Information: Info@primexbt.com

All of the above can be selected from a menu which opens after you click on a trading pair. Your orders can be classified as Protection Orders, which gives you additional protection on any position or order that you currently have. These can be placed on new orders by clicking on the “Protection orders” box on the order form. The orders also appear either in good-until-cleared trader or in a daily format. The exchange also features a built-in leverage calculator which lets you figure out exactly how much buying power you can get with your capital. by copying and pasting the provided Bitcoin wallet address into a wallet you want to send funds from (DO NOT send any other cryptocurrency to this address, as it’s BTC-only compatible).

If you find yourself to be one such individual and have no problems with trading on a brand new, not yet established platform, then PrimeXBT is the exchange for you. The second Trade tab is where the interface fully expresses itself. All of these elements are classified under exchange widgets and their layout can be customized by clicking on the “Add Widgets” button in the upper left corner of your screen. Among other things, these widgets allow you to create personalized watchlists and track messages. What may surprise you is the fact that the exchange allows its users to start trading without completing any sort of AML/KYC registrations. Some who value their personal information and privacy will applaud the platform for that. Others who prefer to trade among verified traders might consider this lack of additional verifications a deal breaker when it comes to trading on Prime XBT.

Prime XBT Analysis

The platform comes with numerous built-in indicators and charting analysis tools users can utilize to carry out an in-depth technical analysis before taking a position. There are also different chart types, indicators, Prime XBT Analysis and time frames available to users to choose from for carrying out their technical analysis and monitoring an asset price. Not only that, but there is also a “studies-section” available on the chart.

As of now, there are no scam reports about Prime XBT available which were posted by unsatisfied users. Make sure you have some cryptocurrency before you sign up, you can purchase crypto on other fiat-to-crypto exchanges. In order to get started trading at Prime XBT platform, you need to create an account.

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume and one of the fastest trading services providers for blockchain ecosystem. The exchange has seen an astronomical growth and is a premium crypto trading platform. Overall, the charting interface and tools offered with Prime XBT is exceptional an like no other exchange.

Follow A Profitable Trading Strategy

Other factors such as digital scarcity, or the value being transacted across the network also can apply to fundamental analysis on cryptocurrencies. Similar analysis of jobless claims, debt, and other political type factors can dramatically influence the prices of forex currencies and their price activity. These include price-to-earnings, earnings per share, or return on equity to perform basic quantitative analysis. Qualitative analysis could include reviewing a company’s board of directors, forex or examining the company’s individual product line. When looking at individual stocks, any of the more common fundamental analysis methods have validity, and can be used depending on the investor or trader’s preference. At this point in the guide, you can surely see the value of fundamental analysis and why it matters to investors and traders. In bottom-up analysis, investors first consider the finest details in an asset, then later review the greater economy to understand the bigger picture.

  • Technical analysis is nothing at all like fundamental analysis, however, both come together to provide investors and traders with the full suite of analysis required to be as profitable as possible.
  • Combining solid fundamental analysis know-how with advanced technical analysis techniques and proper risk management strategies can lead to consistently profitable trades, and minimal losses.
  • Furthermore, they are also offering traders a trade engine that has a real-time risk management implementation that is supported by Amazon AWS’s infrastructure.
  • Now, this Prime XBT forex review will explore the usability of the website and its platform.
  • The table below shows the minimum and maximum order sizes for all financial products tradable on PrimeXBT.
  • Then copy the following Bitcoin wallet address and send funds to that address.

PrimeXBT may not be used by US citizens and residents due to US law. But the platform can be used within the US by foreign travelers who want to keep managing their trades while temporarily residing in the US. The only thing users have to keep in mind is that PrimeXBT might ask for an ID verification if they detect a login from a US american IP address. PrimeXBT has set trading limits for each trading pair, so there is a limit for position sizes. For instance, the maximum single trade size for Bitcoin is 15 BTC, while the maximum exposure may not exceed 30 Bitcoin. The table below shows the minimum and maximum order sizes for all financial products tradable on PrimeXBT. Experienced traders who want to trade fast have the possibility to activate the “One-Click” setting.

Next Generation Trading Platform

It further employs 2Fa (dual-factor authentication) backed by Google authentication to prevent unauthorized access. Also, the requirement of mandatory deposit address whitelisting is for withdrawals. The above measures are followed by regular checks and internal audits by the technical team. Prime XBT is one of the first exchanges to offer users with Covesting. This feature helps users to copy top trades of professional traders and earn the same profits.

Both strategies go hand-in-hand for in-depth fundamental analysis. Now you know the full meaning behind the fundamental analysis definition, and soon, you will be able to regularly put the powerful tool into practice and turn research into profits.

Hence, picking the right exchange with a good fee structure will go a long way in your growth as a trader. If you want to compare fees on other exchanges against each other, then check out our list of the most popular Bitcoin trading exchanges. PrimeXBT also has very high trading volume and liquidity for all its supported cryptocurrency pairs. This combined with a round-the-clock customer support desk to help and assist users at every point in time. Leveraged trading isn’t for everyone, but the market for it certainly exists out there.